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Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace / Boiler?

should I repair or replace my heating system in Waterford WIBurlington HVAC of Burlington, WI, repairs and replaces home-heating equipment including forced hot air furnaces and water boiler systems for our customers in Waterford WI, Lake Geneva WI, Beloit WI, Janesville WI, and throughout southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois. Are you having trouble with your heating system? We can help.

The first few times a piece of large equipment such as a furnace or boiler needs repair, scheduling repair service can get you back up and running quickly. Our HVAC technicians are experts in all manner of repair and parts replacement for any equipment model you may have. However, if the unit begins needing constant repairs, you must determine at what point you’re putting more money into maintenance than the system is worth.

Things to Consider When Repairing Or Replacing A Furnace / Boiler

Cost and frequency of repair

If the system is still relatively “young,” say under 12 years old, repair or replacement of certain components might make sense.  However, as heating systems get older, they’re prone to more expensive repairs as larger components begin to fail.
A good rule of thumb here is, if the repair costs less than 25% of what a new unit would cost, make the repair.  But if these “inexpensive” repairs start being required every month or two, it’s a signal that you need to look into a new furnace or boiler.

Energy efficiency and operating cost

The older a heating system gets, the less efficiently it will operate.  If you have a very old boiler or furnace – even if it’s not costing you an arm and a leg for repairs – you should have the system analyzed to determine how much more money you’re spending to run it now than you did when it was new. Modern home-heating appliances from top makers such as Carrier are built to be ultra-efficient, which means you’ll get high performance and spend minimal amounts on operating costs.  New, top-of-the line equipment can save you $1,000 or more per year, depending on your heating needs and how poorly your current system is performing.

How long you’ll live in your home

If you’re planning to move in six months, it might be wiser to continue making repairs to an older home-heating unit than replacing it.  If you have no intention of moving any time soon, and your boiler or furnace is really becoming expensive to keep running, replacement is a smart move.

How comfortable are you?

This is a big consideration in deciding whether to purchase a new heating system or stick it out with the old one.  If your comfort level inside your home is getting less all the time, that tells you your heating system is no longer able to do its job.
Furnaces and boilers made with modern technology can eliminate hot and cold sections within a home, effectively control humidity levels and improve air quality – all while running quietly and economically.  They’re designed with your comfort in mind.

Richmond IL boiler repair and installHow safe are you?

Forced hot air furnaces and water boiler systems that have passed their expected lifespan can become dangerous to operate unless you regularly pour big money into expensive repairs.  Any appliance that creates a flame can become a hazard inside a home when in serious disrepair.

You should consult with a Beyond HVAC technician if your heating system is older than 15 years to determine how safe it is to operate.  A high-quality Carrier furnace or boiler often will run well for longer than 15 years, but regardless of the brand and model, it’s a smart move to have your system thoroughly checked at or before the 15-year mark. Beyond HVAC is family-owned and family-operated with more than 40 years’ experience in the heating industry.


Our technicians are certified by North American Technical Excellence (NATE) and can help you decide if your furnace, boiler or other equipment needs replacing, or if repairs are still an economical option.  Get professional assistance at (262) 758-6272.