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Water Boilers | Carrier Water Boiler Systems | Home-Heating Appliances

boiler system for heating home in havard ilBeyond HVAC provides water boiler installation and repair for our customers in Burlington WI, Racine WI, Waukesha WI, Oak Creek WI, and throughout southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois. Is it time to upgrade your old boiler system or replace a forced hot air system with a radiant heating unit? We’re the experts you can count on to do the job right.

The difference between water boilers and forced air furnaces

Boilers and furnaces when made by a top name like Carrier will both do an excellent job keeping your living spaces warm and cozy. Each type of system runs on different technologies, but the main difference for homeowners when choosing which heating system they prefer is the way heat is delivered into the home. Forced hot air furnaces, as the name implies, blow air through an air duct system and into the rooms of a home. Water boilers send very hot water into baseboard heating units or radiators and provide what’s known as radiant heat. No air is involved.

Advantages of water boiler systems

  • Boilers provide great heating efficiency. Models in the Carrier line of boilers have AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings of between 80% and 95%. The AFUE rating tells you how much of the boiler’s fuel produces heat that will be used in the home.
  • Clean heating, because no dust, allergens or other contaminants are being blown through the home. Boiler heating is a good choice for elderly people and those with allergies.
  • Better heat coverage throughout the home than blown hot air. Radiant heat, for many individuals, feels more surrounding, comfortable and natural than forced air heat.
  • Near-silent operation as there’s no noise from blowing air. All the noise the boiler creates stays within the boiler.
  • Advanced thermostatic control lets you heat select zones within your home based on when you want them heated. Thermostats also allow you to program when heating starts and stops.
  • Water boiler systems can last for as little as 10 years and for as long as several decades. It all depends on the regularity and quality of professional maintenance. As with any other household appliance, boilers are only as good as the care and service they receive.

The best boilers for your home-heating needs

Beyond HVAC recommends Carrier water boiler systems for top performance and long life. Carrier is known throughout the world as one of the leading makers of boilers systems and other home-heating and air conditioning appliances.

Carrier offers three different lines of water boilers:

Performance Series Gas Boilers: Top-of-the line units with AFUE ratings of up to 95%.

Performance Series Oil Boilers: If you prefer to heat with oil, you can’t beat the models in this line.

Comfort Series Gas Boilers: Cost-friendly, but still powerful enough to keep you warm during the coldest winters.

carrier water boiler system install in waterford wiBoiler installation and repair

Our field technicians are NATE-certified HVAC professionals, which means they’ve proven their experience in handling a full range of heating appliance installations and repair projects. Many elements are involved in boiler installation, and our team can perform them all with industry-leading expertise. We also repair all makes and models of water boilers and all other heating, cooling and air-quality equipment.
For a free in-home consultation on a new boiler installation, or to get your questions answered, call the experts at (262) 758-6272.