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Beyond HVAC provides installations of thermostats for heating, cooling and air-quality systems for our customers in Waterford WI, Lake Geneva WI, Twin Lakes WI, Antioch IL, and throughout southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois.  When you’re ready to simplify your life, call us first.

Home automation AC system in Kenosha WIHeating your home in the summer, cooling it in the winter and maintaining healthy air quality all year round is important to you.  The reason you have all your comfort-control systems is to make life more enjoyable.  For many people, outdated or faulty thermostats that control these systems make life more complicated – and expensive.

When you replace your under-performing old thermostat with a new state-of-the-art programmable thermostat from Carrier, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect indoor environment with rarely a thought given to how it works.  That’s because with Carrier’s lines of comfort-management thermostats to control heating, cooling and humidity, you decide on the air quality you desire and when you want it, and the powerful little unit does the rest.



Benefits you’ll enjoy with Carrier home automation systems

Warmth when you need it: When you get home from work on a bitterly cold evening, the interior spaces of your home will all be full of welcoming heat.  But it’s not heat that’s been running all day and costing you money – it’s heat that intuitively cranked on a half hour or so before you arrived.

Cool when you need it: Upon returning from a day of activities in the scorching summer, it’ll be wonderful to enter a home that feels like a palace, with the perfect level of coolness to refresh and restore you.  As with automated heating, you can set your A/C to turn on shortly before your arrival and avoid running your appliance all day long.

Drier air when you need it: On days when you’re out working or doing errands in the swampy, humid air and feel like you’re about to wash away, you’ll enter a home with the perfect level of humidity when you use a Carrier Performance Series dehumidifier with thermostatic control.

As to when you’re just hanging around in the house all day, you won’t even be aware of the weather extremes outside.  And when you go to sleep, you’ll drift away in comfort.  It’s hard to beat benefits like that.

Carrier automation system in Elkhorn WI Convenient home automation

Beyond HVAC’s certified air-quality technicians install home automation systems throughout southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois for homeowners who want perfect indoor living environments but don’t want to put a lot of effort into making that happen.

Carrier’s lines of home automation thermostats work the way you want them to.  You can select standard thermostats that you program easily on their screens, or make it even simpler with WiFi-ready thermostats that you can controlled anywhere with an intuitive wireless app on a phone or tablet.

Check out the newest WiFi thermostats, non-WiFi thermostats, air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and ventilators from Carrier – all of which you can control with a few taps and selections.

If you’d like to know more about fully automating your heating, cooling and air-quality systems, call the experts at Beyond HVAC.  We’ll help you select the perfect thermostatic control system for your specific needs and requirements.  Call us today at (262) 758-6272.