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Hot Water Boiler Repair | Boiler Service | Heating System Repair and Maintenance

hot water boiler repair for home heating in Burlington wiBeyond HVAC performs expert hot water boiler repair services for our customers in Burlington WI, Racine WI, Pleasant Prairie WI, Paddock Lake WI, and throughout southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois. Call us when experience counts and time matters.

Hot water boiler systems are complex appliances that must be kept in top shape in order to bring heat to you and your family during our brutal Wisconsin winters. Older boilers need occasional repairs – some of them minor, which you can handle; others that require the experience of a certified HVAC technician.

Beyond HVAC provides full-scale hot water boiler repair services to keep your system operating at peak efficiency throughout the cold months. You can help us help you by recognizing signs that something is amiss with your boiler system and contacting us right away so we can make an evaluation and get to work with any needed repairs.

Signals that your boiler needs service

Boiler is making noise

If you’re being disturbed by shaking and knocking sounds coming from your basement, it’s likely air is trapped in the boiler system or the system’s pipes or heat exchanger contain a buildup of limescale deposits. Call us to bleed the system, inspect your heat exchanger and reset the pressure.

Boiler is always shutting off

  • Several problems can lead to this:
  • Impaired gas flow to the boiler
  • Broken or damaged thermostat
  • Lack of water, often due to a faulty valve
  • Too much air within the system
  • Frozen water in the condensate pipe that prevents ventilation
  • Broken or damaged pump that keeps water from circulating through the system
  • Faulty thermocouple that cannot ignite the pilot light

These are a few of the reasons a boiler constantly shuts off.  Some of these problems can be repaired by you, while others require a skilled technician.  It’s always best to call us and report the problem before attempting any moderate or major repair work.

Boiler is leaking

A faulty seal or broken valve commonly leads to water leaking inside a boiler. If you know or suspect that your boiler is leaking, call us right away. Running water inside a boiler system can do expensive damage to electrical components; it also can cause rust to develop inside the appliance.

home heating system repair in racine wiPilot light is yellow

When operating properly, your boiler’s pilot light burns blue. A yellow flame is cause for alarm, because it means that gas is not burning efficiently and could create dangerous levels of carbon monoxide that move into your living spaces. If your pilot light is burning yellow, turn off the gas connection and call us immediately – any hour, any day, all year long.

24-hour service you can count on

Whatever kind of issue may be happening with your hot water boiler system, Beyond HVAC is ready to get it fixed quickly. We’re available around the clock, every day of the year to ensure that your boiler is running safely and correctly to bring you the heat you need. For any boiler repair needs, call us first at (262) 758-6272.