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Furnace Repair | Forced Hot Air Furnaces | Heating System Maintenance

Beyond HVAC provides complete forced hot air furnace repair for our customers in Waterford WI, Lake Geneva WI, Twin Lakes WI, Antioch IL, and throughout southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois. Count on us for quick, professional service around the clock.

Janesville WI hot air furnace repairThere may be no appliance in a home that causes more alarm when it fails than a furnace. Forced hot air furnaces are designed to keep homes warm in even the most extreme outdoor temperatures. When one goes down, it’s only a matter of minutes before a major difference in inside air temperature is felt.

The way to prevent serious furnace failure is by scheduling professional inspection, maintenance and repairs as needed on an annual basis.

When things go wrong with a furnace, here are some of the components that commonly are involved.

Blower motor

When the motor is broken, air no longer gets sent to the rooms of your home.

Heat exchanger

If the heat exchanger becomes cracked (which is not uncommon the older the part is), performance of the appliance immediately degrades. Heat exchanger cracks can allow dangerous carbon monoxide into your home.

Pilot light

Obstructions within gas pipes and damaged thermocouples are common reasons for pilot light malfunctions. When pilots don’t operate correctly, gas burns inefficiently and creates carbon monoxide.


Depending on the nature of the problem with your thermostat, air temperatures may fluctuate wildly, making life very uncomfortable.


Air needs to move freely into and through the furnace filters. If it can’t, the appliance will have to work harder, which means an increase in energy consumption and therefore utility bills. Additionally, extensive damage to the limit switch may occur when air flow is impaired.

Blower belt

Old, worn-out blower belts cause the furnace to run below optimal efficiency.

Ball bearings

When ball bearings begin to wear out, significant damage to the system is highly possible.

Limit switch

When the limit switch doesn’t work correctly, the blower will blow continuously, making the indoor air temperature uncomfortable and costing you a lot of extra money in the form of utility charges.

What you as a homeowner can do

While you can’t perform most repairs associated with faulty forced hot air furnaces, you definitely can know some of the warning signs and call us if they happen. Only certified HVAC technicians should be allowed to access your furnace and perform repair work.  It’s easy for a novice “handy-person” type to cause even more damage because of lack of training and experience with a furnace’s operation and components.

8 signs your furnace needs to be looked at

  1. Unusual odors
  2. A yellow pilot light (instead of the normal blue)
  3. Furnace is difficult to get started
  4. Alerts from your carbon monoxide detector
  5. Higher-than-usual utility bills
  6. Reduced heat when the furnace seems to be running normally
  7. Areas within the home that are cold while other areas are warm
  8. Grinding or shrieking noises coming from the furnace

furnace not working in Racine WIThe furnace repair experts

Beyond HVAC employs home-heating experts certified by NATE, the largest technician-certifying organization of its kind in the U.S.  Our crews understand forced hot air furnaces inside and out and can quickly get to the bottom of any trouble yours might be having. Quick repairs can then be performed to restore optimal operating capacity and safety.

If your furnace needs professional inspection and repair work, call us today. Repairs made as soon as trouble is spotted prevent your having to spend large amounts of money later to fix a serious problem. You can reach us at (262) 758-6272 to schedule a service visit or to get your questions answered. We provide emergency furnace repair service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.