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Air Conditioning Repair | Central Air System Maintenance | Troubleshooting A/C Problems

air conditioning repair in Burlington wiBeyond HVAC performs a complete menu of repairs and maintenance services for our customers’ central air conditioning systems in Milwaukee WI, Kenosha WI, Lawrence IL, Harvard IL, and throughout southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois. When you need repairs from certified A/C professionals, we’re the ones to call first.

Like all appliances in a home, central air conditioning systems need occasional repairs to keep them performing optimally. Having timely A/C repair work done can save you a lot of money down the line by getting small problems fixed before they escalate into big, expensive problems.

When your air conditioning system doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, you’re naturally concerned. This is especially true during the hottest summer days when you really need the cool air. If your central air unit has been acting oddly, there are some things you can do that might solve the problem. In other cases, you’ll need one of our certified air conditioning experts to perform an inspection and make needed repairs.

Let’s look at some issues that may arise with your A/C system.

Common problems with central air systems

1. Unit will not turn on

This rarely means the entire appliance has failed. Often the cause is a tripped circuit breaker, a thermostat not set to “cool” – or set above the room’s/home’s temperature, an open blower door on the air handler, or one or more of the switches on and proximal to the unit not set to “on.” If none of these are the cause of the problem, arrange for an A/C service technician to assess the situation.

2. Unit works, but little air is coming through vents

Here the problem is usually some kind of blockage. Steps to take include making sure the filter on the air handler is clean, checking to see if ductwork is crimped or disconnected, and ensuring that all vent dampers are wide open. Call us if none of these solves the problem.

3. Unit doesn’t dehumidify the air

This problem can be caused by a central air system that’s too large for the home.  Oversized systems will reach pre-set cooling levels too quickly and not run long enough to properly dehumidify the air. The solution may be to have the condensing unit and coils replaced with components of proper size.

4. Properly-sized unit doesn’t dehumidify the air

If the air in your home is still too humid, there could be an opening within the home structure (window, door, etc.) that’s letting in more humid air than your system can handle. Another cause could be a problem with condensate drainage from the unit’s evaporator coil, which can be fixed by an HVAC repair technician.

5. Long cycles, little cooling

When your central air system runs and runs but produces little cooling, the likely problem is a faulty compressor. This component should be tested and then replaced, if necessary.

a/c repair in Waterford WI6. System turns on and off continually

An obstructed thermostat, ice on the coils, an oversized A/C system and leaking refrigerant could all cause your central air to cycle on and off repeatedly. You can make sure the condenser fins (vents) on the outside unit are free of debris. You also can replace the filter in the air handler if it’s dirty. Otherwise, you should have the problem evaluated by a professional.

These are some of the common problems we find with our customers’ central air conditioning systems. In many cases, the reason the problems begin in the first place is because annual A/C service wasn’t performed. By scheduling regular maintenance visits with our NATE-certified HVAC professionals, you’ll be able to prevent a lot of unexpected problems with your unit and keep it running at peak performance all summer long.

If your central air system is acting up and you’re unable to solve the problem, call Burlington HVAC at (262) 758-6272 for a quick response to get your unit back into top shape.